The Scoop On Poplin & Co Printed Casual Shirts

The Scoop On Poplin & Co Printed Casual Shirts

Our printed casual shirts not only go with just about any outfit they are also expertly crafted. Every shirt we make follows our four key guidelines, comfort, style, quality, and value. Understanding the details that make up a Poplin & Co printed casual shirt will help you appreciate each component of this essential and versatile garment. Here’s the scoop on what makes a Poplin & Co shirt so special.

1. French side seams are sewn twice, making them super durable and encasing the raw edge within the seam that creates a super clean finish.

2. Cross stitch as placket edge for more durability.

3. Placket with a button, allows the sleeve to be opened and rolled up for a more casual look.

4. 2 buttons at the cuff allow the width to be adjustable.

5. Buttons on the collar point to keep the collar down and in shape.

6. Edges of pocket are bartacked to reinforce the pocket from stress or additional wear.

7. Side seam placket for durability and reinforcement.

8. Poplin & Cologo label under the front placket for a discrete added touch of detail.

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