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Wearing Boring Clothes Can Reduce Your Wellbeing

In today?s fashion landscape, especially during the colder fall and winter months, men?s fashion takes a nose dive into the monotonous. Seas of monotone plaid shirts, basic grey or black jackets, grey sweaters and everything else in between desaturate the already, dark, cold and gloomy environment of the concrete urban landscape. It?s as if men [...]

The Cotton Poplin Weave, So Much More Than Just Our Canvas

The Poplin weave is not only the foundation of our name, it?s also the foundation of all our shirts. Before Poplin the brand ever got off the ground we spent a year travelling all over the world, from the USA, Paris to India and China. We also attended many trade shows like Sourcing at Magic, [...]

Anatomy of Poplin & Co?s Printed Button Down Shirts

We create printed button down shirts for men that offer a modern, contemporary look paired with great craftsmanship. Every shirt we make follows our four key guidelines, comfort, style, quality and value. We believe that a great looking, impeccably constructed printed shirt should not be reserved for only the people who can afford off the [...]